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Victims & Loved Ones

Thank you for entrusting and allowing the staff at the VB Strong Center to support you and help connect you to the most appropriate services.  Case management services are for everyone who lost a loved one, was injured, was present/witnessed the shooting and their family and loved ones.

Case management services identify your needs, help you make connections to community providers, and walk with you to make sure you have the best supports for you.  Case management will assist in recognizing symptoms directly related to the events of 5/31/19, and address obstacles that may be in the way of recovery and healing. The additional case management services offered:

Connection with Virginia Victim’s Fund

Referrals to community providers for individual and group counseling, psychiatric services, and other behavioral health services as needed.

Support with crisis and symptom reduction advocacy and referrals

Linkage and connections to other identified services; not limited to:  Nutrition and well-being programs, Employment and career improvement services, Financial education/Estate Planning services

If you have any questions or want additional information please call us at 757-507-7200 or send an email to